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Julia Clarke creates sculptures for indoor and outdoor spaces. She works with willow, both dried and living, with wire, steel, paper, and ceramic. Natural materials and environmental concerns are an important element of her work and the rhythm of weaving and using tactile materials is important to her process. She states that her work comes from a place of having to make, "I’ve always needed to make…be tactile, touch, play and create in 3D. I’ve tried to communicate what I need to say, even if I’m not always sure where that is coming from."



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Can you find all Ben's chewing Gum paintings in Alexandra Palace? 



Having worked as a sculptor and artist for more than 16 years, travelling all over the UK, Europe and the US, Ben focuses on taking rubbish and discarded waste and turning it into something beautiful.

Inspired by the urban landscape in which he typically works, Ben is perhaps most famous for his ‘chewing gum art’ – taking trodden-in pieces of chewing gum and turning them into miniature artworks. These intricately detailed pieces encourage people to look more closely at their natural environment. Featuring bright splashes of colour, often in unexpected places, the pieces transform an unpleasant discarded item and turn it into something positive.




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Andrea Tyrimos_Pauletta, oil on board, 2

Pauletta, oil paint on board, 70cm, £3000

Andrea TyrimosSophie, oil on board, 2020

Sophie, 75cm, oil paint on board, £3000

Andrea Tyrimos_Aurora, oil on board, 202


Andrea Tyrimos, born 1986, is a contemporary artist who lives and works in London.

Tyrimos’ work explores human relationships and mental health issues through intimate portrait paintings and installations.


A graduate from Central St Martins (2009), she pushes the boundaries of portraiture, uniquely combining both visual and audio elements, to give an invisible illness visibility and presence.


In a time where we need hope more than ever, Andrea’s portraits aim to uplift and help those who may be struggling by exploring how people are maintaining positive mental health, as well as helping to break down the stigma that still very much exists.


Tyrimos’ painting of supermodel Adwoa Aboah was recently on the cover of Madame Figaro magazine in Paris, and she was recently awarded the 1st Prize ING Discerning Eye 2020; her work will join their prestigious art collection.


She has been featured in publications such as The Guardian, The New York Times, Huffington Post and Time-Out; as well as being interviewed on BBC Global News and London Live TV. Tyrimos was recently featured on Channel 4 documentary ‘Flawless’  and has received the Signature Art People’s Choice Painting Award, and the Art & Escape Award.


“Rendered in washed out colours, minimalist detail to hair and clothing bringing out their vulnerability through their eyes. I’ve always felt that mental illness is something you wear on your face. Tyrimos has captured that”

-          The Guardian




Aurora, 75cm, oil paint on board, £3000


'Small Cardboard Portrait 147' 2021 

Pencil on paper


'Small Cardboard Portrait 148' 2021 

Pencil on paper


'Small Cardboard Portrait 149' 2021 

Pencil on paper


Russell Herron’s work is broadly concerned with history, place and identity. Over the last few years he has produced work around these themes with an ongoing series of meticulous pencil drawings of portraits made from pieces of cardboard. His work has been shown at the Mall Galleries, the Royal Academy and in many smaller galleries throughout the UK.




'Edge of Light Yellow’

70 x 50cm

Limited edition of 30, archival print

Signed and numbered by the artist



Jo Angell makes abstract paintings and prints.  Her inspiration is found through visually scavenging the world for shapes, colours and textures. She works from her London studio within sight of Alexandra Palace. She also regularly finds inspiration in the Essex marshlands of the riverside village of Wivenhoe.



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Sarah Barker Brown After the Swim 100 x

After the Swim

75cm x 60cm


Sarah Barker Brown Gold Boots 100 x 70 l

Gold Boots

97cm x 60cm



Sarah Barker Brown is a figurative painter whose focus is the female body, interior emotions and the exterior lives of women. Intimate moments, the depth of female friendships, the social dimensions of being a woman and celebrating sexuality, seduction and pleasure, all illuminated through a lens of nostalgia and tenderness.


Graduating in 2017 (First Class Honours) from London’s Art Academy, where she studied under Tai Shan Shierenberg, her work has been selected for Discerning Eye 2020, 2019 and 2018, Society of Women Artists 2020, Beep International Painting Prize 2018, and The Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter Prize 2020 (Mangtangi Prize). Summer of 76’ achieved Stage 2 John Moore Painting Prize 2020 and her self-portrait was included in the Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize 2017.


Barker Brown’s work has featured in The Guardian (November 2020), and is held in private collections in the UK and Europe

Low resolution images of work in Artists Walk 2021 including titles of work, size, price:


Please note that both works have been altered slightly to fit the size 100cm x 70cm – below are the dimensions of the actual paintings.



Meera Palia_Red Triangle Goes On Holiday

Red Triangle Goes on Holiday, 2019.

Acrylic and collage on paper

59.4 x 84.1 cm

Price : Please enquire


Meera Palia is an abstract expressionist painter and collage artist. Her paintings are unplanned, evolving out of the colours, textures, marks and moods that emerge throughout the process, shaped by the emotions or thoughts she carries with her at the time. Working mainly in acrylics but with a mixed media approach, Meera aims for the painting equivalent of a jazz jam or a flamenco improvisation, prioritising spontaneity, authenticity and freedom in mark-making over achieving a polished composition/choreographed act. Inspired by the rhythmic, gestural, physical act of painting -when it feels like her hand is freestyle dancing- she will often paint to music, bringing its energy into her work. Meera’s approach is experimental and she sees painting as an ongoing enquiry, a dialogue with the unknown. Recognisable ‘forms’ such as figures or landscapes may or may not emerge and it is this sense of the unexpected that Meera finds so compelling. 



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George Haverson_B550 II.jpg

‘B550 bottle in front of tree’ 

Acrylic A4

Price £50


My name is George and I’m an artist /musician living and working in the lovely Muswell Hill area. I hope my painting encourages you the viewer to the finer details of your immediate surroundings. We all share this space and the objects we leave behind continue interacting with a community, even after they’ve been forgotten. What’s the story behind that empty crisp packet, the water bottle or plastic bag up in that tree ? I’m not an advocate for littering and you might think my work is just a load of rubbish, well that’s because it is.



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Title: Invisible Ties

Size: 38 x 48 cm

Price: £650.00 (Framed)

Title: Silver Lining

Size: 20 x 30 x 2 cm

Price: £425.00 (framed)


Lisa-Marie Price is a London based abstract painter that explores the connection between nature, people and place. She investigates how they interact with each other and develops work that portrays the intricacies between them. Her methodical style is created using handmade watercolour sourced from pigment that she forages on her travels. There is often a personalised element to her work focusing on geographical areas that are important to her and of those that commission her work.




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Best described as a Creative Consultant/Performance Poet. In a nutshell, I’m obsessed with language – driven by a mission to build bridges with words




w29.7cms x h42.0cms £75 Edition 15



As an artist she works primarily using photography and printmaking. Her photographic work is digital, or experimental using different analogue and alternative photographic processes.


Nature plays a large part in her work, often using her garden as a darkroom and experimenting with alternative photographic processes, cyanotype, and chlorophyll printing, which require long exposures to produce beautiful images of natural objects.

She uses etching to explore the way images can be transformed using the process and experiments with objects such as leaves to create etching plates


She also enjoys working collaboratively, collecting stories and images of objects to learn more about people. During the lockdown she did a project with her road, photographing 60 households outside their front doors and creating, with another local artist, a banner which we hung in the Harringay Local Store.


She exhibits work widely in the local area and the South East, and has had work in exhibitions in Europe and Japan


She studied art at Cambridge School of Art and Photography at De Montfort University where she completed an MA.  She is one of the Space36 artists, a member of Crouch End Open Studios, the Royal Photographic Society and is the Event Organiser for London Independent Photography.



These images been produced by the organic process Chlorophyll printing

The images are bleached by direct sunlight straight onto the leaf using a positive.





w29.7cms x h42.0cms £75 Edition15


50 x 35cm



Emmanuelle Orr is a French printmaker based in London and Paris. She graduated from Panthéon Sorbonne University in Paris in the late 90s with a degree in Visual Arts and then moved to London. Her practice uses various printmaking techniques, such as screenprinting, risograph printing and more recently cyanotypes.


Her work focuses on bodies and places, and explores themes of connection and solitude, of performance and intimacy.

When subjects are present in her prints, they are often alone, caught in a moment of intimacy or performing for a never seen crowd. Landscapes show night time scenes, scattered with anonymous passersby or completely deserted. Only neon lights remain, and the occasional flower, like traces of life, and of the solitude that can be found in a crowd.


Her prints are based either on her photographs or on her original charcoal drawings which are then digitally manipulated and handprinted in London. She loves the physicality of the act of printing, and its endless possibilities - how different mediums can be used to create the original artwork for printing, combining photography, drawings and digital work; and how the printing process itself can take the work in an unexpected direction, and present something simultaneously unique and repeated.


Emmanuelle Orr fragmented screenprint on
Stella Yarrow_1.png

The Third Eye 2

Linocut and lino etching

Image size 31cm (h) x 30.4cm (w)

Framed size 47cm (h) x 45.5cm (w)

£170 framed    £140 unframed

Stella Yarrow_2.png

The Third Eye 1

Linocut and lino etching

Image size 31cm (h) x 30.4cm (w)

Framed size 47cm (h) x 45.5cm (w)

£170 framed    £140 unframed


I have been printmaking since 2016, specialising in lino print and lino etching. My prints reflect my passion for the natural environment, especially in London – I have been a local nature conservation volunteer for the last seven years. The two prints exhibited in the Artist’s Walk 2021 are from a series I have made about peregrine falcons. I am fascinated by how peregrine falcons successfully coexist with humans in London. The falcon takes on a symbolic meaning in some Indian traditions. The falcon soars above the preoccupations of this world, sees the bigger picture and the turning of the ages and allows our mind to take flight. Creating these two images of the ‘Third Eye’ helped to give me a sense of restoration and liberation during the turmoil and restrictions of the pandemic.


I live in Crouch End and make my original prints at the Art Academy, an independent art school in London Bridge. I make each print individually by hand using a traditional etching press. I was a student at the Art Academy between 2017-19 and have been a Print Associate there since 2018. I have exhibited locally and in central London. I am a member of Crouch End Open Studios and exhibit in their events.



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Fun Ride (screen print and collage) Year Made: 2011

Size: Framed 35x41 / Unframed 14x20 Price: £650 (sold)


Ali Miller London is a quintessentially British luxury homeware brand offering fine bone china tea sets and playful textiles, all which tell a story. Each piece is crafted from the finest materials, designed and decorated by hand in the UK.

Ali’s Inspiration

Ali’s work are collages of personal experiences, family history and identity. Her designs are inspired by childhood memories. She is passionate about creating new from old, breathing life into memories so they can continue to exist in new ways.

Ali’s Journey
As a child growing up with severe dyslexia, Ali found solace in art. After graduating from art school, Ali worked in window design at Selfridges and Fortnum and Mason, London, Ali started to experiment, designing on household items such as tables, chairs and wardrobes. It was her idea to bring to life her Grandmother’s unwanted china, that led to Ali’s first of many china tea-sets.

Ali exhibited in London, Paris and New York. In 2010, John Jones Framing invited her to run a major exhibition. Her collections sold out, and Ali Miller London was born.

Ali Miller Collaborations
In the UK, Ali has worked with luxury brands including Paul Smith, Liberty of London and Selfridges, as well as historic institutions including the National Portrait Gallery and the Tate Modern.

Ali has been commissioned to create bespoke tea set collections for Sketch Restaurant of Mayfair, luxury hotel The Grove, and 5-star hotel The Athenaeum in Mayfair.

Ali & Sherlock Holmes
In 2012, three of Ali’s designs were used in the BBC’s Sherlock Holmes, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Home Sweet Home, Hampstead Heath and Alice were overnight sell-outs, and continue to be best-selling collections.



Ali Miller_Mrs_Headshot_N102BP_LR.jpg
RosemaryDavies)light falls across_LR.jpg

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I trained at the Royal Academy Schools, and Sheffield College and Nottingham Colleges of Art in the early 70’s. I am part of Crouch End Open Studios and have exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

As an artist living in Hornsey I make pictures about what I see and experience around me. I use a combination of acrylic paint and collage. I try to convey a feeling in my work that could be described as a presentment but not necessarily foreboding, for example giving a sense of looking back and looking forward, as de Chirico described as a sense of ‘pre-history’. My landscape derived paintings and people in landscape have a semi-abstract quality, one that I hope gives a sense of 'edge of consciousness' leaving enough space to resonates with the viewer's own memories and experience. 

I studied art at the Royal Academy Schools, Sheffield College of Art and Nottingham College of Art in the early 70’s. I am part of Crouch End Open Studios. I have exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.



Red Cabin, Stockholm

42 x 59 cm (WxH)

Giclée print (Limited Edition of 20)



Isabelle Mitchell

Isabella Mitchell is an artist and illustrator based in North London. She is inspired by the relationship between architecture and nature; creating scenes inhabited by vernacular structures and punctuated by subdued pockets of wilderness.


Her process involves creating drawings from observation which, like a snapshot, capture an energy, an atmosphere, a time of day, a sense of people and place. These studies are translated into larger works typically realised in gouache paint and watercolour pencils.



Alexandra Palace (Green)

(WxH): 20 x 29 cm

 Gouache paint and watercolour pencil on paper.

£125.00 (Unframed)

Teresa Schippel Hales_Ally Pally Car Par

Ally Pally Car Park

Transfer Lift Etching with Aquatint and Watercolour
Image Size: 34.5cm x 26cm      £170
Framed Size: 52cm x 44cm.      £260


As an artist living and working in Crouch End, North London, I have exhibited all over London and beyond, in such diverse venues as the old Aldwych underground station, at the historic Shepherd Market and on a Dutch barge moored at Little Venice.  

Often starting with photographs, I take inspiration from nature: the interplay of sunlight; the formation of shadows & silhouettes, and reflections in water: from puddles to the sea.  And the sky; clouds, dramatic and threatening, or light and insubstantial, creating a unique and limitless visual theatre.  Other work takes inspiration from functional, man-made objects, beauty in the mundane; padlocks, keys, tools, bikes, books and tables & chairs.  I am not solely attracted by the forms and texture of the objects themselves, but in the relationship between positive & negative, by their compositional qualities.

My etching, ‘Deal Pier’, won a Lowes Dickinson prize for printmaking in 2019, and ‘Bike, Kentish Town’ won the Witold Library Prize 2020.  ‘Deal Pier, Cloudy Day’ was shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2019 as was ‘Bathroom, Holt‘ for 2020. I recently exhibited with Royal Society of British Artists at the Mall Galleries.

Several pieces of my work are at the Hampstead Garden Gallery, where I will be having a solo show in October, and I will be exhibiting with North London Printmakers at Battersea Affordable Art Fair in July.  I will also be showing a few etchings at the East Cliff House Gallery in Mistley, Essex during July.

As an artist, living and working in Crouch End, North London, I have exhibited all over London and beyond, in such diverse venues as the old Aldwych underground station, at the historic She

"We find beauty not in the thing itself but in the patterns of shadows, the light and the darkness, that one thing against another." Teresa Schippel Hales.



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Freshest Frames (Lisa Gilby)_Anmol Kaur
Freshest Frames (Lisa Gilby)_Francesca a
Freshest Frames (Lisa Gilby)_Francesca M


Lisa Gilby photographs under the name of Freshest Frames. She is a professional photographer with over 10 years of experience working with clients for a range of promotional purposes. She specialises in headshots, creative portraits, portfolio images and dance on location photography. 

Although her clients come from all walks of life, she particularly works with a lot of performers including many from the renowned dance company ‘Boy Blue’ and talent agency ‘freeYOURstyle’.

When photographing dance on location, Lisa aims to portray the strength, talent and beauty of the dance whilst using the location creatively to enhance this. She works closely with her dancers to ensure she captures their unique skills - it is very much a collaborative process. Lisa’s Artist Walk images were created especially for this year's art trail, using Alexandra Palace’s beautiful Palm Court as her dancers backdrop.

Lisa’s studio is based in N22 but she also offers location shoots all around London and beyond. Her photographs are not for sale but you can visit her website to book a photo shoot or discuss a commission.



A little bit about the dancers:

Anmol Kaur is a professional Hip Hop and Contemporary dancer, currently studying at London Contemporary dance school and member of award winning UK Hip Hop company ‘Boy Blue’. She has performed on stages such as Sadlers wells, Barbican and Adelphi theatre and has danced for the likes of Jonas brothers, Anne Marie and little Simz. Anmol is represented by FYSCO.

Francesca Miles is a dance artist, emerging DJ and scholar, with a passion for hip-hop and clubbing culture. A member of Boy Blue Entertainment and FUSE.596, and mentee of Indahouse, she has performed at events including Breakin’ Convention and Latitude Festival, as well as in music videos, TV commercials and films. Francesca is part of the female DJ collective, Stronger Together, and teaches for Zoo Nation Dance Company and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.


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Poppies in a Vase 2021

Original Cyanotype Print
21 x 30 cm (A4)

Not for sale - similar works available online

Screenshot 2021-05-18 at 12.52.05.png


Rosha Nutt is a north London printmaker. She founded Artists Walk during the 2020 lockdown to give artists a way to stay engaged with the public when all the galleries and events were closed.


Working out of her home studio in Muswell Hill and a shared print studio in Dalston, Rosha's botanical works cover a variety of printing methods from screen print to cyanotype and Riso printing.​

Her work is dols by Print Club London, North London Printmakers and Art Pistol in Glasgow.



Palm & Poppies (black) 2021

Screen print Ed.12
42 x 30 cm (A3)



“Ally Pally Unlocked”

3 colour reduction lino-cut.

Actual printed area = A4 size (plus 4-5.5cm borders).

£90 unframed.


I studied printmaking & jewellery design in Liverpool, gaining my degree in 1991 & an art & design PGCE in 1993. I then taught art for many years.

Currently, my work explores pattern, texture and colour, mainly through the medium of print and collage. I produce limited edition and one-off lino-cuts, etchings, collagraphs and monoprints as well as collages and mixed media work. I have also worked in digital form producing textiles and products.

I am inspired by natural forms, my local area, the coast and travel. My recent series of reduction linocuts were inspired by the local area including Alexandra Palace. In these I explore texture and pattern as well as layering of translucent and opaque inks.

I have exhibited and sold in group shows in galleries, at art/craft fairs and from my home studio in Liverpool, London and Essex for over 25 years.

As well as making and exhibiting my artwork I currently teach art in adult education.




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My practice is concerned with finding opportunities to bring different people together, along with a commitment to exploring the changing role of the arts in public space; particularly in communities. I am interested in the peculiarities in everyday moments and the structures, which often go unquestioned, that support our day-to-day lives.


I enjoy the affordability and democratic nature of printmaking – a form that can easily be reproduced, circulated and installed in places where people are.


Ordinary People Have More Power is a quote from a local participant during a planting and art project I worked on at PEER. Taking place across multiple community sites, the project navigated bureaucratic structures and encouraged questions around power, authority and ownership in relation to public space, tastes and values.



Ordinary People Have More Power (2021)
Collage with inked newsprint, 297 x 420mm.
Available as an A3 digital print for £20.


‘Flooded Jungle Gym’   100 cm x 125 cm oil on aluminum £4500 (Available through www.alephcontemporary.com)


Helen Brough is an artist. B.A Honours First Class and a M.A in sculpture from Chelsea School of Art. Awards include the Prix de Rome, and the Prince Charles travel scholarship. The Soros foundation funded her exhibitions in Romania and Hungary. In America she received funding from the Pollock/Krasner Foundation and the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts.In 2020 she has been selected to receive a QEST Award.

’’I make work because it is how I become deeply connected to creation.

I feel my way through various series and many things emerge from that process very unexpectedly. The difficulty is accepting that certain works are outside my control, like life, it takes its own course.’’


ChrisBaker_Crouch End Playing Fields.jpg

Crouch End Fields 23 cms x 31cms £150

ChrisBaker_Ally Pally.jpg

Ally Pally  30cms x 40cms  £280


I’ve always loved making art and have worked with oils, acrylics and graphite and more. I now favour watercolours – in some ways an underrated medium – but one which can be subtle, bold and vibrant.


Currently co-chair of a local group of artists, I gain so much inspiration from working with others as well as independently. How fortunate we are to live in such a wonderful part of London with local green spaces such as Alexandra Palace, Hampstead Heath and Crouch End Fields to inspire us. I exhibit each year with the group at Lauderdale House and have had some works exhibited in other local venues and at prominent Central London Galleries. I’ve also had commissions from afar afield as Australia and America.  I welcome more!


Angeline Tournier.jpg

 Xyxyxyx xuxuxu


Crouch End artist Angeline Tournier paints textured, semi-abstract sea and landscapes, inspired by Cornwall, West Sussex, North London and Colorado.   


“I’m currently drawn to cherry blossom trees and coastal paths.” She paints with oil and palette knife, using an abstract, fluid and intuitive style.  She is a gallery artist and exhibits regularly in Yorkshire, London and West Sussex. 




Into The Blue, 80x80cm – created to order and customisable in terms of size and colour - £950


I create 3-dimentional butterfly artworks from my home studio in Crouch End. My artworks are hand created to order, often personalised or made-to-measure. My work varies from tiny little 24k gold leaf butterfly boxes which make the perfect gift to huge statement bespoke creations for clients & collectors near and far.

My designs are highly decorative and are essentially all about freedom, hope & joy.

Butterflies are seen as symbols of resurrection, representing endurance, change, hope and life which is probably why I’ve really seen interest in my pieces peak this year... they evoke a sense of calm & serenity and freedom too - something we’ve all missed in these covid times. 

It’s a real privilege to create and all I hope is that my creations give joy and improve someone’s environment - give them a sense of escape and wonder even for a small while. 



Sunset in Mill Hill Park (3)

Oil on paper

Original size 27 x 19 cm, can be cropped and enlarged up to A4, 50 x 70 cm and/or 70 x 100 cm.

Price - Original is not available. The price of the limited edition prints upon application, depending on size.


Diana Sandetskaya is a self-taught artist based in Mill Hill, North London. She was born in Russia and moved to London in 2010. In 2017 Diana joined Studio Fridays – weekly studio day for a group of artists working alongside each other in a studio in Whetstone, North London.

Diana is inspired by her own personal, sentimental experiences and is fuelled by an acute existential feeling of an unstoppable flow of time. Her work is a diary of what she has seen and experienced and what she felt was beautiful – visually and emotionally.

During lockdown, Diana has been exploring and capturing “beauty on our door step”  – places in our immediate neighbourhood where we can find incredible beauty and admire forever changing scenery presented by nature at a time where there is a limited opportunity for new sensory and visual experiences. Observing and appreciating this can bring positivity in our life, lift our spirit, inspire and encourage us, and help us through difficult times.

Diana works in oils, and paints in a style that references Realism and Romanticism.

Her work has been shown at solo exhibitions and art fairs in London, as well as group shows in London, Kent and Hertfordshire.