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Artist Rosha Nutt and Art Marketing Consultant Holly Collier wanted to find a way to bring art out to the local community at a time when it is hard to do so in the conventional way.

Artists Walk aims to bring greater awareness and connections amongst artists and art lovers. It provides a simple, inexpensive way for artists to showcase their work and to increase their exposure to the people around them, who might otherwise not know about them.

For the local community, it's a way to discover the creative people in your neighbourhood and to make your daily walks more inspiring!

In March 2020, Rosha and Holly co-curated a group exhibition with artists from contemporary arts organisation ArtCan, called #Fakenews at Offshoot Gallery in N2. To compliment the show and engage with the local community they ran a programme of talks and workshops by local sustainable groups and magazines such as CropDrop, The Harmless Store, RestorationLND, Gifted Local and Village Raw. This was a huge success and the gallery space came alive with the local community. We hope that this project will be a local talking point and help bring art into the local conversation. 

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