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My practice is concerned with finding opportunities to bring different people together, along with a commitment to exploring the changing role of the arts in public space; particularly in communities. I am interested in the peculiarities in everyday moments and the structures, which often go unquestioned, that support our day-to-day lives.


I enjoy the affordability and democratic nature of printmaking – a form that can easily be reproduced, circulated and installed in places where people are.


Ordinary People Have More Power is a quote from a local participant during a planting and art project I worked on at PEER. Taking place across multiple community sites, the project navigated bureaucratic structures and encouraged questions around power, authority and ownership in relation to public space, tastes and values.



Ordinary People Have More Power (2021)
Collage with inked newsprint, 297 x 420mm.
Available as an A3 digital print for £20.