Emmanuelle Orr fragmented screenprint on


50 x 35cm



Emmanuelle Orr is a French printmaker based in London and Paris. She graduated from Panthéon Sorbonne University in Paris in the late 90s with a degree in Visual Arts and then moved to London. Her practice uses various printmaking techniques, such as screenprinting, risograph printing and more recently cyanotypes.


Her work focuses on bodies and places, and explores themes of connection and solitude, of performance and intimacy.

When subjects are present in her prints, they are often alone, caught in a moment of intimacy or performing for a never seen crowd. Landscapes show night time scenes, scattered with anonymous passersby or completely deserted. Only neon lights remain, and the occasional flower, like traces of life, and of the solitude that can be found in a crowd.


Her prints are based either on her photographs or on her original charcoal drawings which are then digitally manipulated and handprinted in London. She loves the physicality of the act of printing, and its endless possibilities - how different mediums can be used to create the original artwork for printing, combining photography, drawings and digital work; and how the printing process itself can take the work in an unexpected direction, and present something simultaneously unique and repeated.