Whether you're an artist, illustrator, merchandiser, set designer, don't keep your creativity hidden. We have a gallery at our fingertips.

Covid-19 has changed a lot of things. Galleries and events have been hard hit and so many opportunities have been cancelled or moved online.

It's time to fight back, to use what we already have and create a great experience for the community along the way.


Artists Walk will put you on the map, literally! You will increase your exposure in your local area and the more people know about you, the more people can spread the word, follow you on social media and look out for your next exhibition and you're even one step closer to making a sale!


Displaying your work in your window is like a small exhibition opportunity. More eyes on your work is always a good thing.


Make connections. You might discover fellow artists and art lovers who are right on your doorstep. It is a great initiative to strengthen the art community in your local area.


Join our campaign and we will place you on the map for your local community and wider audience to find.

We will link through to your website and share your window on instagram. As well as give you ideas, posters to download and 'how to' create a QR code to link hands-free to your website. We'll be promoting Artists Walk in the media and on Instagram.

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A Few Considerations and Ideas

  • Display your art in multiple windows of your home if you'd like.

  • If your art is very detailed and not easy to appreciate from a distance, then think about making something specifically for your window using your same style but making it bigger and bolder and therefore more visible.

  • Stand outside your home and ask yourself 'is my story being told'.

  • Consider paint or decal to create an artwork directly onto your window - only use paint that can be removed easily.

  • Installation art could work well in a front garden or on a balcony but only if it's weatherproof.

  • Consider lighting. This will increase visibility and help your work stand out at night, especially with the early dark evenings in winter.

  • Would you want to do some live painting one weekend? 

  • There may be prizes for 'featured windows' so do your best to make an artistic impact (without offending any neighbours!).

  • Use a QR code on your front gate to link easily to your contact information/website.



Art on view needs to be appropriate for young children. Nothing offensive, sexual or inappropriate to young eyes.


Art must be contained to your own property and not impact your neighbours in any way.


Be Covid safe. Follow the latest government guidelines. Stay socially distanced and be mindful of other pedestrians.


You are responsible for your own artwork. Artists Walk and it's organisers accept no responsibility for damaged or lost work. 


Have fun with the project and be as creative as possible.

Hints and Tips

Screenshot 2020-11-10 at 06.17.06.png
UV Protection

Protect your work

One of our participants is trialling this Museum quality UV film on the window to protect the artworks from harmful rays.


Protect your work

Top two tips to prevent condensation in your window are:

1. Ventilation

2. Keep a constant low temperature rather than swinging between high and low.


Protect your work

Tips from one participant:

1. Use dry rice to soak up excess moisture from the air. It's cheap and easy to replace.

2. Avoid work touching the glass. USe books or boxes to raise your work up.

3.Avoid window edges as that's where moisture tends to collect.