“The Great Escape” 100x100cm - created to order and customisable in terms of size and colour - from £1,200 framed. 


I create 3-dimentional butterfly artworks from my home studio in Crouch End. My artworks are hand created to order, often personalised or made-to-measure. My work varies from tiny little 24k gold leaf butterfly boxes which make the perfect gift to huge statement bespoke creations for clients & collectors near and far.

My designs are highly decorative and are essentially all about freedom, hope & joy.

Butterflies are seen as symbols of resurrection, representing endurance, change, hope and life which is probably why I’ve really seen interest in my pieces peak this year... they evoke a sense of calm & serenity and freedom too - something we’ve all missed in these covid times. 

It’s a real privilege to create and all I hope is that my creations give joy and improve someone’s environment - give them a sense of escape and wonder even for a small while.