A Few Considerations and Ideas

  • Display your art in multiple windows of your home if you'd like.

  • If your art is very detailed and not easy to appreciate from a distance, then think about making something specifically for your window using your same style but making it bigger and bolder and therefore more visible.

  • Stand outside your home and ask yourself 'is my story being told'.

  • Consider paint or decal to create an artwork directly onto your window - only use paint that can be removed easily.

  • Installation art could work well in a front garden or on a balcony but only if it's weatherproof.

  • Consider lighting. This will increase visibility and help your work stand out at night, especially with the early dark evenings in winter.

  • Would you want to do some live painting one weekend? 

  • There may be prizes for 'featured windows' so do your best to make an artistic impact (without offending any neighbours!).

  • Use a QR code on your front gate to link easily to your contact information/website.